Call for Papers

The target participants are scientists, surgeons, researchers, tissue bank managers/operators, academicians, transplant coordinators, paramedics, students, medical assistants and policy makers from local and international communities. Membership in APASTB is not required for participation or presentation.

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for the Oral Session and Poster Sesseion. Please follow the guideline below.

Thematic area

The conference will be focus on the following topics:

  1. Tissue Transplantation
    Bone, Ligament, Cartilage, Nerve, Skin, Amnion, Cornea, Heart Valves, Blood Vessels, Islet Cell, Composite Organization, e.g.
  2. Processing and Banking on Biomaterials
  3. Processing and Banking on Cells
  4. Cell Therapy
  5. Tissue Engineering
  6. Regenerative Medicine
  7. Cell and Tissue and Donation
  8. Ethics on Cell and Tissue Applications
  9. Tissue Bank Management
  10. Coordination for Tissue and Cell Transplantation
  11. Other

Young Investigator Award, APASTB Award Call for Applications

  • Young Investigator Award
    *Must be under 35 years old
  • APASTB Award

Please check "Apply for an award" on the abstract form to apply.
After selection, the award will be presented on August 19, 2023.

Abstract submission period

Abstracts will be accepted from March 1 to May 15, 2023.


English only.

Format (common format for poster and oral session)

To prepare an abstract, please click the Form button below.

How to submit an abstract

Abstract should be sent by email to a-csc@a-csc.org
To avoid missing emails, we would appreciate your cooperation on the following two points.

  • * Email Title: APASTB_Abstract
  • * Attached File Name: Your Name_Abstract.doc

Any change cannot be made after the deadline (15th May).


Your abstract will be accepted only by email.


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